Vote Stivland in 2020!

Stillwater schools have a long tradition of excellence.
Our schools have regularly appeared on lists of the top schools in the nation. Those who came here before us were legendary for their adventurous and pioneering spirit, and we enjoy the legacy of what they built in this beautiful and scenic river valley.
We have the responsibility to uphold those ideals. As a community, we can work together to ensure that our children have opportunities to thrive and soar into the future because we have created schools which foster courage, curiosity, imagination and commitment to excellence.
I am honored to serve on the Stillwater Area School Board because I truly believe in these goals, and I am dedicated to working hard to make our schools the best they can possibly be!
Here is a short list of just a few accomplishments from the past four years:
  • Policy, Community Engagement and Finance Working Group meetings are now posted and open to the public, so that all are welcome to learn more

  • Board members now receive disbursement reports before we are asked to approve them, and checks are not sent until they have been approved by the board 

  • The administration now has the authority to spend up to $50,000 without board approval; previously it was $100,000

  • Approved funding for the implementation of the new Career Pathways program

  • Led the efforts for an amicable separation agreement with the Superintendent, with the goal of improving student outcomes and fiscal oversight

  • Improved numerous district policies for efficiency, effectiveness, clarity and collaboration

  • Pushed for improved literacy curriculum and better student results

  • Leadership role in the Community Design Team process to define our district facility needs

  • Collaborated with the board and administration to cut over $2 million from the budget in 2019, without significantly affecting any direct student programs

  • Led the oversight of the school board response to the Bus Garage issue, helping to identify solutions to move the district forward

  • Pushed for smaller class sizes and growing our enrollment levels

  • Serve as chair of the board beginning January 2020

  • Serve as Intermediate district #916 board liaison since 2019

  • Helped establish the new Community Engagement Working Group, with the goal of improving connections to families and the community.

Please contact me and share your thoughts about how we can work together to support our schools. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.